STEP3: Grammar|Learn Japanese Online and Books

Here are some ways to learn grammar.
I will introduce how to learn grammar online and how to learn it from books.

Learn Japanese Online (Free)

 Easy Japanese|NHK World


These are NHK contents.(NHK is like BBC in Japan)
This grammar lesson have 48 episodes with PDF textbook.
It is free!

Easy Japanese (NHK)



It’s a free app with a wide variety of learning menus.
It is used by users all over the world and provides a game-like learning experience.
However, some people say that it is too easy to know if you are making progress, so it is recommended that you use it with other learning approaches.

Install Duolingo App


Learn Japanese With Textbooks

These are the Japanese learning textbooks which have good reviews.


This is a comprehensive textbook for learning Japanese in all four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It is used in many Japanese language courses around the world.



This is a comprehensive textbook for the beginner’s level, designed to make learning Japanese fun for anyone who is learning it for the first time, and to make it easy for teachers to teach.
You can learn the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing at the beginner level.



I would suggest learning online for free first.
If you learn online and then want to learn more Japanese, you can buy these books.



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