-7ways- How To Get From Narita Airport To Tokyo



There are two train lines in Narita airport, the Keisei Line and the JR Line. The ticket gates are adjacent to the two lines. The JR line is on the right side of the station and the Keisei line is on the left. If you want to use the JR line, be careful because the Keisei line is more conspicuous and if you proceed without thinking, you will enter the ticket gate of the Keisei line. The Keisei line is relatively more crowded than the JR line.

There are two different types of train for both the Keisei Line and the JR Line:

Limited Express

Bound for time Fee
Keisei Skyliner Ueno sta. 41min \2,520
JR Narita Express Tokyo sta. 50min \3,070
  • Fast and comfortable.
  • No advance reservation is required – just buy an IC card (travel card) and an express ticket at the ticket gate.
  • They run frequently so if you miss your train, the next one will be there soon.
  • Expensive

Rapid train

Bound for time Fee
Keisei Line Ueno sta. 90min \1,050
JR Line Tokyo sta. 90min \1,340
  • Cheap
  • No advance reservation is required – just an IC card (travel card) is required.
  • They run frequently so if you miss your train, the next one will be there soon.
  • Expensive


Trains are fast and cheap, but if you have to change trains, you may have an unexpectedly long walk through the station. Tokyo’s underground train lines are like a maze, so you sometimes have to walk for more than 10 minutes to change trains.

All seats are reserved and busses run directly to their destinations without transfers. You must be seated for the whole journey, which makes carrying large luggage easier.

Bound for (e.g.) time Fee
Airport Bus (Keisei) Tokyo sta. 90min \1,000 (under12 \500)
Limousine bus Tokyo sta. 90min \2,800 (under 12 \1,400)*

*(advance booking and payment 1,400 (under 15 \100))

Airport buses are more affordable but limousine buses can be booked and paid for in advance. Families with children can save money by paying for the limousine bus in advance.

  • Cheap
  • No transfers to your destination.
  • All seats are reserved.
  • They take care of your heavy bags.
  • It takes time.
  • The number of busses running each day is limited.



If you are not comfortable with public transportation, taxis are also available. Usually taxis are metered, but Narita Teigaku Taxis have pre-determined rates depending on the destination (ward). It’s the easiest way to get from the airport to your hotel and no advanced reservation is required, but it’s expensive. In Japan, you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off because there is no system of “bargaining” in Japanese taxis and tips are not expected.

  • \19,500~\32,500 (about×1.2 in the night and early in the morning)
  • Discounts are available for those with disabilities.
  • Additionally expressway fee (toll road) is required.
  • Depending on the congestion on the road, it takes between 60 and 80 minutes.