The Concept of This Textbook

Listen, Speak, Use and Master Japanese!

Listen again and again, say it out loud, and master it !

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The Point of This Textbook

  • It’s focus is on Japanese speaking
  • Natural Japanese phrases only
  • Selected phrases that can be used in daily conversation and that are often used by Japanese people
  • 5 Units per text for easy completion
  • Lots of dialog-type example sentences using the phrases, so you can learn natural daily conversation in Japanese.
  • Digital materials(PDF file), with audio for all phrases
  • Effective for speaking, listening, and your pronunciation correction


The Contents of The Textbook

  • 1 Unit  = Part A・B・C
Part A Phrase descriptions and dialogues (with audio)
Part B Example sentences in dialogue form (with audio)
Part C Practice part (Let’s make sentences using the phrases)
With example sentences



The price is $5.

Japanese textbooks cost usually $30-40.

I decided on this price because I wanted it to be easy for everyone to get.



Who Should Use It?

  • People who want to be able to enjoy everyday conversation in Japanese.
  • People who want to learn natural Japanese.
  • People who want to make Japanese friends in the future
  • People who feel uncomfortable with speaking and listening to Japanese
  • People who have no confidence with their pronunciation

※ I think It’s not for people who want to study just to pass the JLPT.


Target Level

Any level is OK!

But it is recommended that you have completed your study of hiragana and katakana. and If your Japanese level is advanced, you already might know the most of phrases.


How To Use This Textbook

  • Rather than trying to understand the structure of the sentences, memorize each phrase first.
  • Try to pronounce the words after the audio, and repeat them over and over again.
  • You can have it in your phone, so practice Japanese in your spare time.
  • Challenge : Try to make sentences using the phrases

This is the book No.2, but even if you haven’t bought book No.1, you can still enjoy it. They are each independent textbooks.



Why are you studying Japanese?

If you study Japanese, you must like Japan.
I think you are studying Japanese because you want to be able to communicate with Japanese people.
In order to be able to communicate in Japanese, listening and speaking skills are important.
You can’t learn speaking just by sitting at a desk and looking at a textbook of hiragana and kanji.
(I’ve been studying English for 10 years, but at first I just looked at vocabulary and grammar books, and I never learned to speak.)

It is important to actually practice using your ears and mouth over and over again.
I have created this textbook for such practice.
Let’s use this textbook and learn to speak Japanese together!



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※You can get Vol.1-4 reasonably! : HERE




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