Common Mistakes of Japanese Grammar

I’d like to share the common mistakes of Japanese language by Japanese learners.
I often talk to Japanese learners and I found many people have same mistakes.
We Japanese can understand but they are not grammatically correct.
(Always have exception, so will explain in general)

1. Adjective + Noun

You don’t have to put「の」between them.


  • ☓赤いの服 → ✓赤い服

  • ☓かわいいの女性 → ✓かわいい女性

  • ☓丸いのイス → ✓丸いイス

2. ☓こんにちわ → ✓こんにちは

When we pronounce it, it sounds “KonnichiWA” , but when we write it, it should be「こんにちは」
Some Japanese people use「こんにちわ」 but it is on purpose as they think it cuter..? (but it seems uneducated tbh)
So use properly.

3. Past tense / Adjectives


  • ☓楽しいでした → ✓楽しかったです

  • ☓おもしろいでした → ✓おもしろかったです

  • ☓うるさいでした → ✓うるさかったです

  • ☓おいしいでした → ✓おいしかったです

4. Adjective+けど


  • ☓つまらないだけど → ✓つまらないけど

  • ☓かわいいだけど → ✓かわいいけど

  • ☓楽しいだけど → ✓楽しいけど

  • ☓うつくしいだけど → ✓美しいけど

5. Verb+こと:become noun

( is like; talk (verb)→talking(Noun) )

You dont have to put「の」between them.


  • ☓話すのこと  → ✓話すこと

  • ☓見るのこと → ✓見ること

  • ☓遊ぶのこと → ✓遊ぶこと

6. How to say “everyone”

☓みんなさん → ✓みなさん

I think Its because it is “皆さん” in Kanji ,”皆” ( only one kanji) is pronounced ” みんな”
but when it comes to “皆さん”, it pronounced “みなさん” not “みんなさん”
I know it is confusing

Practice your listening skill, too!
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