STEP1: Hiragana|Learn With Full Chart (PDF) and Audio

If you want to start learning Japanese, the first step is to learn hiragana and katakana.
You should be able to read, pronounce, and write hiragana and katakana.
There are 52 hiragana and katakana characters each.
(Sometimes they are combined and pronounced differently.)

STEP1:Know Hiragana

The basic form is a – i – u – e – o.
Then add K – S – ….. and they become different hiragana.

STEP2:Pronounce them

Pronounce the each hiragana while looking at the hiragana chart.



basic あ・い・う・え・お
K か・き・く・け・こ
S さ・し・す・せ・そ
T た・ち・つ・て・と
N な・に・ぬ・ね・の
H は・ひ・ふ・へ・ほ
M ま・み・む・め・も
Y や・ゆ・よ
R ら・り・る・れ・ろ
W わ・ん・を


STEP3:Know Irregular Hiragana

Some hiragana are pronounced differently by adding 「゛」 or 「゜」, and some hiragana are pronounced differently by adding smaller letters such as 「ゃ」, 「ゅ」, and 「よ」.
Let’s learn what kinds of hiragana there are and how to pronounce them.

Hiragana with 「゛」「゜」

G が・ぎ・ぐ・げ・ご
Z ざ・じ・ず・ぜ・ぞ
D だ・ぢ・づ・で・ど
B ば・び・ぶ・べ・ぼ
P ぱ・ぴ・ぷ・ぺ・ぽ


Hiragana with 「ゃ」, 「ゅ」, and 「よ」

KY きゃ・きゅ・きょ
SH しゃ・しゅ・しょ
CH ちゃ・ちゅ・ちょ
NY にゃ・にゅ・にょ
HY ひゃ・ひゅ・ひょ
MY みゃ・みゅ・みょ
RY りゃ・りゅ・りょ
GY ぎゃ・ぎゅ・ぎょ
J じゃ・じゅ・じょ
BY びゃ・びゅ・びょ
PY ぴゃ・ぴゅ・ぴょ

STEP4:Practice to Write

Write it down and practice it.


STEP5:Practice to Write Words

Combine with other hiragana and practice to write the word in Hiragana.



You are Hiragana master!

It is a good idea to put up a hiragana chart in a place where you can always see it not to forget them!




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